Workplace Consulting

Are you a start-up just about to invest in office space, or a company in a stage of growth and transition? Are you looking for ways to ensure accessibility while employees work remotely? Are inclusion, equity, justice and diversity values you are working towards and more than just buzzwords?

Is Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace another aspect of inclusion you are looking to work on?

If so, we work hand-in-hand to develop a longterm strategy. We consider all aspects of Inclusion and can help you implement the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace (CSA – Z1003-13).


It’s not just about physical space, inclusion and accommodation is a mindset as well. Through workshops and sensitization programs, we can help employees learn how to best accommodate and support each other, and serve your clients and customers. Through these conversations, we often learn we have much more in common than previously thought. All employees benefit not only from workplace diversity, but also inclusion, acceptance, and equity. We work to strategize a move to more healthy workplaces, which reduces sick leaves, and complaints, and increases employee retention and satisfaction.  


Struggling to attract the right talent? Want to ensure your employee handbook respectfully addresses each employee? We will work closely with your HR department to remove hidden barriers that exclude and discourage people from applying to your openings.

Together, we will find creative and equitable methods to increase inclusion, acceptance, and accommodation for ALL your employees.